Soundtrack to Capstone a Pandemic

So there was a pandemic. During which I listened to my last mix, over and over again; as I jogged the exact same riverside route, and my misfitted left-ear AirPod kept falling out.

And I continued listening, and accumulating tracks. For various reasons™, I couldn’t listen to my accumulating list until recently; so the music here wasn’t exactly a soundtrack to the pandemic for me. But now, I’ve finally assembled it.

This one’s in three parts: a two-disc 2020-21 set, and a 2022 set coming up next. Traditionally, I’ve limited myself to the ~100 minutes of a CD; but whatever, let’s go with three full hours, and so we get digressively long tracks like Venice Bitch, Beau Mot Plage and America.

The primary consumer of these mixes is… me, let’s be honest. And one of the main benefits is a bunch of links I can click to find the artists’ full albums in Apple Music. So… no more obsessive MP3ing, relevelling and mixing with ancient 2004 Audacity builds.

part 1

  1. hologramme feat. fakear. felicity [fakear remix]. downtempo, 2020.
  2. kilder & jamal bucanon. what i won’t do. pop, 2020.
  3. alfie templeman. shady. pop, 2021
  4. grandson. dirty. pop, 2020.
  5. 347aidan. dancing in my room. pop, 2020.
  6. frank ocean. pink + white. r&b, 2016.
  7. washed out. too late. downtempo, 2020.
  8. caribou. lime. pop, 2020.
  9. mount kimbie. four years and one day. electronic, 2017.
  10. moderat. animal trails. experimental, 2016.
  11. luke howard. bear story i [ben lukas boysen rework]. techno, 2019.
  12. billie eilish. everything i wanted. pop, 2019.
  13. allan rayman. rose. pop, 2018.
  14. massive attack. paradise circus [gui boratto remix]. downtempo, 2010.
  15. donna missal. (to me) your face is love. pop, 2021.
  16. art school girlfriend. diving. rock, 2019.
  17. lana del rey. venice bitch. pop, 2019.
  18. flume feat. toro y moi. the difference. rock, 2020.
  19. new jackson. romancecar. downtempo, 2019.
  20. aurora. cure for me. house, 2022.
  21. shire t. burnin’ jungle. pop, 2021.

part 2

  1. e.vax. manila. acid jazz, 2022.
  2. against all logic. you (forever). experimental, 2022.
  3. the midnight. neon medusa. synthwave, 2021.
  4. gorgon city & drama. you’ve done enough. house, 2021.
  5. jordan rakei. family. r&b, 2021.
  6. james blake. retrograde. r&b, 2013.
  7. tsha. me you. techno, 2019.
  8. major lazer & nucleya feat. rashmeet kaur. jadi buti. dub, 2020.
  9. rae & christian. ready to roll [bushy remix]. acid jazz, 2002.
  10. soul square feat. pfel & atom. live and uncut. hip hop, 2010.
  11. isolée. beau mot plage [freedom reform, pt. 1 & 2]. acid jazz, 1999.
  12. plants and animals. sacrifice. rock, 2020.
  13. i break horses. silence. rock, 2020.
  14. clairo. zinnias. folk, 2021.
  15. arlo parks. sophie. pop, 2019.
  16. thievery corporation feat. gunjan. doors of perception. dub, 2005.
  17. mac ayres. jumping off the moon. r&b, 2019.
  18. fink. hard believer. blues, 2014.
  19. handsome boy modeling school feat. roisin & j-live. the truth. hip hop, 1999.
  20. girl in red. midnight love. pop, 2020.
  21. booka shade & kaktus einarsson. perfect in a way. techno, 2020.
  22. sufjan stevens. america. rock, 2020.

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